Monday, November 11, 2019

Fried cheese curds

Fried cheese curds

How to Make Beer Battered Deep Fried Cheese Curds

Deep fried cheese curds are typically made with cheese curds, obviously enough. However, don’t despair if you live outside of Wisconsin and can’t find this squeaky treat. You can use a block of mild cheddar and cut it into

1 ½” x ¾” rectangles to mimic the curd shape, however simply cutting 1” cubes would also be fine too.

My Beer Battered Deep Fried Cheese Curds recipe calls for a pound of cheese curds, however if you buy a different sized bag, the recipe will still work well. You just may have some batter left over.

Your beer batter for deep frying should be like a thin pancake batter, a consistency similar to paint. My recipe calls for a cup of beer, however if the batter is still too thick, add another 1 – 2 tablespoons of beer to thin it out to the correct consistency. If you thin it out too much, add a small amount of flour to thicken it slightly.

Before you dive into deep frying your entire batch, test out one curd frying in the oil. You will be able to see if your batter is the right consistency and make adjustments before you accidentally ruin the whole batch. Plus, you get to snack on one early!

You will also want to have a good instant read thermometer to monitor your oil temperature. Proper oil temperature is essential anytime you are frying food, too hot and your food will burn, too cool and it will become oil logged. I never deep fry without one. Rather than buying a specific deep frying thermometer, I like using the same instant read thermometer I use for cooking meat (this is what I use) because I like tools that can multitask.

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